Rider Spotlight - Tony and Noah Adams

11/08/2012 by Jimmy Shoe

It’s been said that racing gets in your blood, and if that’s the case, all evidence suggests that Tony Adams passed the gene to his youngest son, Noah. At just 12, Noah’s making a name for himself around tracks in the southern U.S., finishing first in points in the Fly Racing Southern Classic Championship Series this fall and first in the FMF Sponsors Cup over the summer. Tony’s grabbing honors, too, finishing second in points in the 50-plus class in the FMF and third in the Southern Classic.

While some fathers and sons are content with weekends hanging out on the couch in front of the TV, this duo from Monroe, Ga., is much more likely to be found on a track testing their skills and pushing their limits.

Tony, a farm kid with plenty of acres for riding with his buddies, started cutting trails through the woods at just age 10. One year later he began racing, though his young career was short lived when family finances became tight. In 1985, Tony dove back into the sport when he was stationed at a Florida naval base and discovered a motorcycle shop and track in town. “I thought, ‘Hey, I can afford to do this again,’” he says. “So, I spent the next two years racing every Sunday that the bike or my body wasn’t broken.”

Tony took another break from riding when he got married and starting having children. But, soon enough, he started playing around with another bike and with a group of neighbors, built a track behind their neighborhood subdivision. At the time, Noah was eight and riding a four-wheeler that was a gift from his grandmother. When his confidence grew, Noah hopped on a friend’s PW80 and took it for a quick spin. When he jumped off he announced, “Riding four-wheelers is fun, but riding dirt bikes is way more fun!” That’s when Noah got his first bike — a Honda CRF50 — and the father and son team started exploring races near their home.

Noah’s now riding an 85, and Tony’s got a 450R. The pair loves the time they spend with friends at the track almost as much as the racing. “There’s kind of a special camaraderie that all the families build as we watch each other’s kids grow up,” says Tony. “Noah’s at the age where he doesn’t necessarily like taking advice from his dad, but we’ve got friends who will offer him some training tips, and he listens to them pretty well.”

Noah, who’s favorite racer is Ryan Villopoto, says for him, racing is all about the fun. “I just like to go out and have fun with my friends. I’m working on my corners and trying to get better at those, but I’m just hoping to do the best I can.”

Thanks and Sponsors
Tony and Noah want to thank wife and mom, Kimberly, for all her help at the races, and, as Tony says, “putting up with our habit.” They also want to thank Pivot Works, Cylinder Works, Hot Rods, Hot Cams and Vertex Pistons for their support.

Others that deserve recognition include:
•Krispy Kreme Doughnuts of Athens and Commerce, Ga.
•Armada Security
•Capitol Cycle of Macon, Ga.
•Slick Offroad Wash
•Twin Air
•Factory Backing
•Tag Metals
•Leatt Brace
•Works Connection
•100 Percent
•Engine Ice

Photos accompanying this piece are courtesy of Brian Fields at FT Photography and Kimberly Adams.


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