General FAQs:

 Are Cylinder Works cylinders remanufactured or replated OEM cylinders?
No. Cylinder Works cylinders are brand new cylinders. They are nickel silicon carbide plated to provide long life and precision honed to exact size for easy piston installation
 Do I have to send in my core to get replated or repaired
 Are there any modifications that I have to do to install a Cylinder Works big bore kit.
 Why does Cylinder Works use Vertex pistons over CP or Wiseco?
 Why don’t you offer a high compression big bore options?
 Jetting Specifications
 Cylinder Works Sponsorship opportunities
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Model Specific FAQs:

 What is involved in case modification on the CRF 250R/X?
The cases must be completely disassembled and then bolted back together. Please see our modification illustration on the 'Media' tab located on the home page or see the 'Tech Support' document attached to the big bore cylinder and the complete big bore kit. You can also copy and paste this URL into your Internet browser - http://www.cylinder-works.com/TunersTips.aspx?ItemID=28&page=1
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